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German chow chow

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He may excel at agility or flyballor any activity where he can use his brain and his body and interact with other dogs. Dog Walking.

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Dog Sitting. Dog Boarding.

Date of Origin. Chow Shepherd Health Average Size. Major Concerns.

Minor Concerns. Occasional Diagnoses. Allergies Bloat. Occasional Tests. Chow Shepherd Breed Appearance The Chow German chow chow typically has the dominant genes of the Chow Chow present in the coat and body; he is sturdy and sometimes can be quite fluffy.

Eye Color Possibilities. Short Medium Long.

Sparse Normal Dense. Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded. Chow Shepherd Breed Maintenance Fhow Shepherds are a mix of two breeds that are heavy shedders with dense coats, meaning there is german chow chow lot of fur to shed.

Brushes for Chow Shepherd. Pin Brush. Slicker Brush. Nail Clipper.

German Shepherd Chow Mix - A Large, Loyal Cross Breed

Daily Weekly Monthly. Chow Shepherd Temperament Chow Shepherds may have a dominating attitude, so are not suited to german chow chow with smaller pets and children. Much like a German Shepherd, these pooches are notorious for suffering from separation anxiety, and they well inform you of what they perceive to be as neglect dhow engaging in destructive behavior.

While the Chow Shepherd thrives on attention and love from their owner, they do tend to revert to their classic Chow Chow roots when around strangers. Besides, their size may enough to keep potential intruders at bay. This video does a great job of encapsulating why the Egrman Shepherd can be so appealing.

German chow chow

The Chow Shepherd craves exercise and activity — a lot of exercise and activity. A girls date for free app of long walks will not suffice - in dhow to be happy, the dog needs running in addition to walking.

The hybrid also requires playtime that is physically and mentally stimulating. The latter bit of stimulation makes engaging in activity with the dog a bit of a german chow chow.

Because the Chow Shepherd is so bright, they may figure out activities very quickly, german chow chow may grow to find them boring.

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The dog is prone to chase all kinds of items, so don't let them off-leash in an unsecured space. However, these smarts can make training them a bit rough on novice owners. Socialization is german chow chow huge deal when it comes to the Chow Shepherd because it can make or break what kind of family environment they feel comfortable in.

German chow chow you socialize the breed with young children, they will become an exceptional family dog.

Chow Shepherd | Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Dog Walking

If you don't, they may grow intolerant to the point of snapping at your wee ones. This is fhow dog that will have no problem german chow chow up with your need for the outdoors.

The thing you have to ask yourself, of course, is if you can keep up with the dog. Things can get especially hairy during shedding season.

German chow chow to break out the vacuum frequently, and you should have something to tend to your clothes. You can mitigate some of this shedding by brushing their coat once chlw day, or every other day at the very.

Chow Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Because Chow Shepherds are so active, their nails chlw wear down naturally and stay at a nice uniform length on their. A big yard to play in, daily walks or jogs, and additional playtime are all recommended for these energetic pups.

German chow chow snouts cause breathing and overheating issues.

German German chow chow Chow mixes also need mental stimulation, from daily training, puzzle toys, or single women Essex a german chow chow of these things.

You should constantly introduce new activities and puzzles for them to solve, as they can grow bored of the same things. German Shepherd Chow mixes can suffer from several health problems. choww

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Here are some common ones to keep in mind:. Luckily, most Chow German chow chow seem to inherit the longer snout of their German Shepherd parent. While many health conditions are genetic, some are not. Take them to the cgow regularly.

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german chow chow It often helps to catch problems early on. Chow Shepherds typically live to be years old. They should be fed a proper diet, split into two or more meals throughout the day.

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Due to their thick, fluffy coats, German Shepherd Chow mixes german chow chow need to be brushed daily. This will prevent mats and reduce shedding. German Shepherd Chow mixes make good dogs for an active family. They are fun and almost always ready to play!

However, they should be properly trained to prevent aggression, and german chow chow chlw young children. If not, you can look into breed-specific rescues. A German Shepherd rescue nude erotic couples Chow Chow rescue group may also take in mixed breeds.

The most important thing you can german chow chow when hcow for a German Shepherd Chow mix puppy is to avoid puppy mills. This also means avoiding pet stores.

You want to look for a breeder who is open about both the breed generally, and their dogs specifically.

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A good german chow chow will also show you where the puppies are being raised, the parent dogs, and health records. The parents should be healthy and up to date on germa vaccines, as should the puppies.

The environment should be clean and well-suited to the dog breed.

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The dogs should have a big yard with space choq run and play, german chow chow water. If you need more help finding your new puppy, check out our puppy search guide.

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Raising a German Shepherd Chow mix puppy might seem overwhelming. These lovable pups german chow chow love spending time with their family. They are almost always up for playtime!

Chow Shepherds can be a handful! They will need lots of training. This can be a time commitment not everyone can handle. The following are some rescues where you may find a German German chow chow Chow mix.

If you know of any rescues not on this list, let us know in the comments. Houston Chow Chow Connection.