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Mirror Link. Libro elettronico: Jian Xu Edizione: Paperback pagine.

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ItalianoEnglish Scarica i formati: Proquest, Umi Dissertation Publishing Parola chiave: Please allow notifications to be able to download files. Block Allow.

Jian Xu. Proquest, Umi Dissertation Publishing.

Technology general issues. Natural cells can convert chemical energy in the transmembrane ion gradient into electricity by membrane-protein-regulated ion transport.

The underlying biophysics was tai cf online in detail, and two artificial devices, an AC biobattery and a DC biobattery, were designed to harness this biological electrogenic mechanism. The design of the AC biobattery is the first effort to numerically design an artificial cell starting with molecular components and a defined objective.

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Sex philippines a foundation, a model was created to describe the formation of the action potential AP in polarized cells.

The model was used to quantify unknown tai cf online parameters for the electrocyte, from Electrophorus electricus, extrapolating from measured APs.

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Models of optimally designed cells ODC onpine compared to experimental APs from natural electrocytes and a model of an axon. These findings are the starting point for additional studies of energy conversion for in vivo devices as well as the relationship between ion transporters and system tai cf online of natural and artificial cells.

A biomimetic supported lipid membrane was fabricated on a nanofiber tai cf online. This nanofiber support mimics the function of cytoskeleton within a cell.

Lipid bilayers were formed on a nanofiber mesh made from Nylon-6 fibers coated with mesoporous tai cf online Si O2. Lipid diffusivity and bilayer impedance were measured and found to be comparable to measurements from black lipid bilayers.

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Compared to tai cf online available bilayer fabrication techniques, this method offers the unique advantage of prolonging the lifetime while keeping both sides of the bilayer accessible.

The numerical design methodology developed for the AC biobattery was applied to optimize the design of a droplet-based DC biobattery.

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The DC biobattery consists of two reservoirs of electrolyte with a common lipid bilayer tai cf online natural or engineered alpha-hemolysin inserted in the bilayer. The configuration of the DC biobattery was optimized to obtain the maximal energy output density.